Use this 51 Pages welcome book to give an extra touch of professionalism to your home, providing your guests with all the information they need to make their stay unforgettable.

Fully editable with Canva

  • House Rules
  • How to Check - In / Out
  • House Instructions
  • Place to visit
  • How to reach the House
  • Restaurants nearby
  • Things to do
  • ...etc
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Track all your expenses and income in one powerful tool.

Everything in order, less stress and more profit!

  • Income
  • Recurring Expenses
  • Non-Recurring Expenses
  • Property Summary
  • Income and Expenses Summary
  • Monthly Summary
  • Profit Summary

Manage up to 20 properties

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About Us

Welcome to DIGIT-TEK, your ultimate solution for optimizing your Airbnb hosting experience. At DIGIT-TEK, we specialize in providing top-notch Airbnb Welcome Books and Spreadsheet Trackers designed to enhance your guests' stay and streamline your hosting operations.

Our meticulously crafted Airbnb Welcome Books are tailored to showcase the unique charm of your property and its surroundings. With a perfect blend of local recommendations, essential information, and personalized touches, our Welcome Books ensure that your guests feel instantly at home and well-informed about their stay.

Managing multiple Airbnb listings? Our advanced Spreadsheet Trackers offer a comprehensive tool for monitoring bookings, tracking expenses, and analyzing performance effortlessly. Gain valuable insights into your hosting business, track financials with ease, and make informed decisions to maximize your property's potential.

Join countless satisfied hosts who have elevated their Airbnb game with DIGIT-TEK's exceptional products. Transform mere stays into memorable experiences and turn hosting into a seamless, organized venture. Elevate your Airbnb presence with DIGIT-TEK – where hosting meets technology.